Reaching Globally

“It would seem to be the special call of Christ today to each of us to see, so far as in us lies, that every community that has not yet received the gospel is specially visited with the message of our King.
The Christ in the Bible Commentary (1993) A. B. Simpson

Who We Are

Our passion is not just knowing and following Jesus, but helping others know and follow Him. This begins with those God has placed in our spheres of influence and flows to those in other cultures who are searching desperately for meaning, significance, security, and love.

What We Do

We seek to exalt Christ by personally engaging in His mission, particularly with those who have critically low access to the gospel. As they respond, we pray that they will build Great Commission churches that will go to the remaining dark places of the world.

How We Do It

We are committed to expanding the reach of the gospel throughout the world by

  • Establishing new churches and communities of faith
  • Discipling new believers
  • Training new generations of church leaders
  • Providing critical medical care
  • Broadcasting the gospel over the airwaves
  • Helping those displaced by war and disaster
  • Digging clean-water wells in drought-stricken areas
  • Sharing the gospel with prison inmates
  • Restoring broken marriages
  • Establishing schools and hospitals
  • Providing career training for the unemployed
  • And much more



LaFayette Alliance Church

6069 US-20
LaFayette, NY 13084
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